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Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

- (SICNPUFD - 10)
Among the non destructive testing methods for internal defects, Ultrasonic testing is the fastest and most reliable method. With this one can save on material, labour, machine cost & time, by early detection of defects at raw material stage.Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors provide a very user-friendly flaw detection technique to analyze blow holes, porosity, inclusion & any types of flaws.High frequency sound waves generated by piezo electric transducers enter the object to be tested and get reflected at the interphase of defects such as cracks, blow holes, inclusions, porosities, lack of bond etc. The reflected echo is displayed in form of peaks on screen of ultrasonic flaw detector. The amplitude and position of these peaks give useful information regarding the location, shape & size of the defect.

Pile Integrity Tester

- (SICNPIT - 11)
Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) perform low strain integrity testing also known as sonic echo or pulse echo testing for assessing the condition of piles. The utilization of the Pile integrity tester is necessary for testing of building foundation piles, Dynamic Pile tests in highway engineering, and exposed top surface of constructions such as pillars and for non destructive testing of railway piles. Pile Integrity Tester may also be used to test piles primary in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges or towers.

Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester (RCPT)

- (SICNRCPT - 12)
Rapid chloride permeability test (RCPT) is one of the widely used test methods to rapidly assess the durability of concrete, specifically its resistance against chloride ion penetrability. Test is performed by placing a 100 mm diameter concrete cylinder into the sample cells that contain 3.0 % salt solution and 0.3 N sodium hydroxide solution.

Soil Temperature Sensor

- (SICNSTS - 13)
Soil temperature sensors come in a variety of designs using thermistors, thermocouples, thermocouple wires, and averaging thermocouples. The electrical signals transmitted from the sensors to data loggers can be converted to different units of measurement, including °C , °F, and °K.

Soil Resistivity Meter

- (SICNSRM - 14)
Soil resistivity testing is the process of measuring a volume of soil to determine the conductivity of the soil. The resulting soil resistivity  is expressed in ohm-meter or ohm-centimeter.  Soil resistivity testing is the single most critical factor in electrical grounding design.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

- (SICNUPVT - 15)
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testers are high performance NDT instruments that is used for quality control and inspection of concrete.Ultrasonic pulse velocity test equipment is used to measure velocity, transit time & parameters for evaluating concrete homogeneity uniformity, cavities, cracks, delamination & deterioration for determining quality of concrete and other masonry materials.Applications:In lab inspection of concrete cubes under examination or on field inspection.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

- (SICNUTG - 16)
Ultrasonic Thickness measurement is non destructive method of measurement and particularly, suitable for components having access only from one side, where conventional gauge cannot be used. Applications It is especially useful in measurements of thickness of pipes, pressure vessels.We have automated systems for online thickness measurement in pipes or plates and for applications like corrosion monitoring, bond testing, lamination detection, material characterization. The testing is fast, reliable and with high accuracy. Four different models of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge are offered to suit different areas of application.

Ultrasonic Pulser Receivers

- (SICNUPR - 17)
The Microprocessor Based Ultrasonic Pulsar Receiver Model MHF-400 & MHE-900 are compatible with other Ultrasonic Instrumentation and allow great flexibility when configuring system for high frequency application or for attenuative materials.Front panel soft touch key pad allows operator to choose various parameters for precise setting.Large Alfa-numeric display allows operator to view all parameter. Gain adjustment and damping, required more frequently can be adjusted with separate knobs provided on front panel.

Ultrasonic Transducers / Probes

- (SICNUT - 18)
The success of any Ultrasonic technique depends heavily upon the capability of a transducer to function in accordance with a particular application.

Highlights of transducers
  • To cover all applications four distinct series are offered.
  • Each series is characterized by its own unique set of optimum acoustic and electrical parameter
  • A novel dual damping concept is feature in each transducer type.

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