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We are manufacturers and exporters of Meterology & Hydraulics from India.

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Fortin's Barometer | Barometer Tube | Aneroid Barometer | Hair Hygrometer | Dial Thermometer | Rain Gauge | Stevenson Meterological Screen | Altimeter Y.C.M. | Overflow Vessels

Shambhavi ImpexFortin's Barometer - (SIPMH-001)

Fortin's Barometer
a) Fortin’s Barometer (CODE SI-1) :- Entire Construction of metal. The metric and English system scales read from 25” to 32” and 64 to 81 cms respectively with reflector behind scale and cistern The Vernier is worked by a milled head of the side operating with rack and pinion and reads 0.1” 0.1 cm Mounted on wood with Aluminium pipes and Aluminium fitting with soda glass tube but w/o thermometer. b) Fortin’s Barometer (CODE SI-2) :- Same as above. But with iron pipe and aluminium fitting but w/o thermometer. c) Fortin’s Barometer : (CODE SI-3) :- Same as above. But with Brass pipe and fittings. Complete set w/o thermometer. d) Fortin’s Barometer (CODE SI-4) :- With brass pipe, brass fitting with corning glass tube and fitted with metal enclosed Thermometer extra superior quality with accurate scale reading etc. e) Fortin’s Barometer Case :- Made of teak wood with glass on three sides. f) Fortin’s Barometer Case :- Made of haldu wood.

Shambhavi ImpexBarometer Tube - (SIPMH-002)

Barometer Tube
a) Barometer Tube :- Corning glass with ivory point attached. b) Barometer Tube :- As above, but neutral glass. c) Leather Punch :- For Fortin’s Barometer.

Shambhavi ImpexAneroid Barometer - (SIPMH-003)

Aneroid Barometer
A) Aneroid Barometer :- 4” (100 CMS) Indian make with base.
B) Aneroid Barometer :- 4” (100 CMS) Indian make with base.
C) Aneroid Barometer :- With instruction (BARIGO) 87 MM German made

Shambhavi ImpexHair Hygrometer - (SIPMH-004)

Hair Hygrometer
Hair Hygrometer: 85 mm dia German made

Shambhavi ImpexDial Thermometer - (SIPMH-005)

Dial Thermometer
Dial Thermometer: 85 mm dia German Made

Shambhavi ImpexRain Gauge - (SIPMH-006)

Rain Gauge
a)  Rain Gauge w/o jar :-
1)  Tin
2)  G.I. sheet
3)  Brass
4)  Copper.
b)  Rain Gauge :- Automatic Bucket Type Tilting type.
c)  Rain Gauge :- Automatic Dial Type

Shambhavi ImpexStevenson Meterological Screen - (SIPMH-007)

Stevenson Meterological Screen
Stevenson Meterological Screen: Standard size.

Shambhavi ImpexAltimeter Y.C.M. - (SIPMH-008)

Altimeter Y.C.M.
Altimeter Y.C.M. Japan made: 4500 meters with barometer pressure scale.

Shambhavi ImpexOverflow Vessels - (SIPMH-009)

Overflow Vessels
Overflow Vessels:-
a) Overflow Vessels G.I. sheet hammetrone finish
b) Overflow Vessel Brass Polished.
c) Overflow Vessel plastic

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